I was a typical '3 times a day' meat-eater; not health-minded in the least bit.


Being someone who was really reluctant to try new foods; changing my habits was a slow process.


I became a vegetarian after watching a few life-changing health documentaries and also to support my wife's (Michele) mission to do less harm and create less of an impact on the environment. 


After personally experiencing the health improvements and weight loss of changing my diet, and more importantly watching Michele go from having a disability

to being a flat out 'superwoman'; I knew this change was necessary and real.


Having watched the plant-based lifestyle transform so many people's lives for the better, being part of a restaurant that brings so much positivity to this community is not only exciting but equally rewarding.

I finally went fully plant-based and will never go back. 


The green culture is growing! 


P.S.  I have been an avid coffee drinker

all of my life and must have a cup of java every day.  Although coffee isn't considered a 'health food',

the reality is the majority of people need it to survive their busy day (I sure do!).

The coffee we serve is, of course,

organic and fair trade; bringing the healthiest versions available

to our coffee loving patrons.  



Green Culture | Java & Juice Bar, Plant-Based Kitchen, Trinity,Florida
Green Culture | Java & Juice Bar, Plant-Based Kitchen, Trinity,Florida



I was vegetarian for over 30 yrs and vegan since 2015.


I personally want to live a life causing the least amount of harm to all living creatures and to our environment. 

I was extremely sick with progressive MS that stole decades of my life.  As a result, I was legally blind, had difficulty walking and lived in chronic pain.


I changed my diet

and (coincidentally and accidentally)

it greatly improved my quality of life and changed me dramatically, so I began reading, watching, and learning.


This experience led me to become a health coach, so I could work with others and teach them the benefits of a clean plant-based diet.


I created my own health and wellness program which I teach nationally working with people with chronic illness who would love to improve their quality of life.


I strongly believe that food is medicine

(or poison) and by changing the way we eat and drink, many common illnesses

and diseases can be prevented

or reversed. 

I am a vegan for animals and environment and am plant-based for health. I am a social justice activist and want to raise awareness as to why a plant-based diet is better for human health and the environment.  #BetheChange


I am very excited to be part of this growing plant-based foodie culture!


change the way you eat and you can transform
your health for the better.  A good diet is the most powerful weapon we have against disease and sickness.



- Dr. T. Colin Campbell,  Forks Over Knives